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The Everton Forum / Re: Goodison for Gomes?
« Last post by Goaljira on 11 hours ago »
He's off to film a cameo in Gunpowder Milkshake.
The Everton Forum / Re: Goodison for Gomes?
« Last post by Macca77 on 11 hours ago »
His latest Instagram post of a plane on the way to Berlin, some blues on twitter have had a look and are saying there's a easyJet flight from Berlin to JLA later tonight, haha

50m  :o
The Everton Forum / Re: Vlasic
« Last post by Toddacelli on 11 hours ago »
As @Bob Sacamano said, I think he has composure in front of goal, which is a rare trait in a young player. Very much on the side of persisting with him, if possible, and looking to get him opportunities.

I look at it from his perspective. He made 86 appearances for Hadjuk Split between the ages of 17 and 20. He became vice captain, and eventually captain 5 times at age 19, and they are a big side in their country.

So he's a senior player at a big club at age 19. Then he gets his big move to the Premier League, and no doubt promised a lot by the club. He then walks into the utter clusterfuck (through no fault of his own) that was Koeman/Walsh/Allardyce. His career has been stalled and arguably set back by the club.

He then gets loaned out and goes and plays well in another totally foreign league. I don't blame him WHATSOEVER for having no positive associations with Everton, because we fucked things up, not him.

So yeah, I'm willing to give him the time of day, if Silva does want to work with him and develop him. I think he deserves some understanding (much more so than Lookman, who has had many more opportunities at the club).

Totally this.

I really think we're missing a trick here. Players like Sigurdsson are weird, unique, freakish players that you either build a side around or they pull you out of shape. People have talked about Bernard being the alternate for Sig but I just don't see it myself. Vlasic could totally step in here. Play the Sigurdsson role for 20 mins when we're closing a game out or starting against Wycombe in the FA Cup 1st Round.
For me, he's learned it in a couple of different leagues now and it is time to see if he can develop and grow into that role at the highest level.

If nothing else, we don't want other young players looking at how he was treated. We want them to know there is a route to first team football if they work hard and do the right things.
Not for sale then
The Everton Forum / Re: Pre-Season
« Last post by Macca77 on 12 hours ago »
More than likely be the Algarve Cup again
The Everton Forum / Re: Vlasic
« Last post by D15TIN on 14 hours ago »
Very true, I'm not trying to defend them but, again, I'm not so sure there have been that many actual reports of problems with attitude, more rumours and conclusions drawn. It's a bit of head scratcher for me.
Silva was quoted as saying he wasn't impressed with lookman in training the week leading up to a game, when he was asked why he'd been left out of a matchday squad last season, I also thought (this is just me) that he didn't properly follow instructions, thought he drifted infield a lot when he came on in games, and kind of did his own thing and didn't track back enough

Vlasic said he hoped Liverpool won the league, he was dead to me at that point, he was ok in the odd game in his first season, I thought he was a 10, rather than a winger, silva obviously not very impressed by him last pre season though, don't see him staying
Man Utd have an improved bid for Wan-Bissaka rejected by Palace.

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