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It’d be a question of dependence.

We don’t want to be too tied down to one source of player.

But equally have easier access to players should be beneficial.

Agents exist to make money so he’d be unlikely to offer a load of duds but equally we would be in line to make as much money from sales as if we’d procured everything ourselves.

I think we’d actually be quite well placed to be a breeding ground, so to speak, for young players ready to move towards the prime of their careers (like Lukaku) so the risk on the real big fees wouldn’t likely be with us as we’d be the middling fee area the career step before.

But regarding the balance there’d be no point having a DoF if we were just using one source for players.

I’d guess that this would be more of a benefit from the close relationship rather than Raiola driving things (like Mendes at Wolves).
What’s your problem ?

My problem. I really don’t have 1. Just not sure people should be passing stuff off as fact when they’ve absolutely no clue what does and what doesn’t go into a man they’ve never mets decision. I mean come on it’s an extremely complex decision for him and his family. I assume you don’t actually know any of them. I’ve not even seen a single report saying his decision has anything to do with allardyce. So you’ve just decided it does cos you want it to be so and are now passing it off as a fact
Does Raiola have any decent young players worth having at the moment?

why don't you go and look
I'm not sure what I think of the possibility of Van Gall coming here. It would appear that he's had a very good offer from a club recently. Arsenal and Everton, could well be in the frame.

General Football Chat / Wembley
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The owner of Fulham has offered the FA 800 million quid for Wembley

No, it hinges on Moshiri (hopefully) sacking Allardyce.

You know this how?
Well he's talking about leaving a job he's been very successful in uprooting his family and coming here. Clearly it all hinges on Sam allardyce?

What’s your problem ?
Well he's talking about leaving a job he's been very successful in uprooting his family and coming here. Clearly it all hinges on Sam allardyce?

No, it hinges on Moshiri (hopefully) sacking Allardyce.
The Speculating Unprofessionals Forum / Re: Ki Sung-Yeung
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and never will be, unless we start thinking constructively in the transfer market and throughout the club. Think small, stay small.

We should be aiming for players like Neves but apart from anything it's stupid to compare players we've been linked to against players Spurs are linked to.

Ki is better than most of you think but based on age alone I wouldn't bother, we got most of our success in the Moyes era bringing in 24 year olds and letting them settle into the team surrounded by players who had played with us a long time, our team hasn't seen disruption like we currently are since the pre Moyes era.

I'd be interested to see the average service length of our players in Martinez' last season in comparison to now.
He is, and they will continue to tell us all this at every opportunity, well until he fucks off to Madrid in a year or 2

<burns Salah shirt>
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