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I've mentioned it a few times on this forum, I think having a football director - if the role can be properly implemented and defined without causing too much friction with the manager/head coach - could very well be a step in the right direction:

Our managers in the past have been given a hell of a lot of responsibility including scouting and dealing with transfers, creating and implementing a football philosophy based very much on their own vision, recruiting staff (players, coaches and scouts) and having a large say in how the long term infrastructure of the club's facilities is developed. Plus on top of all that, don't forget their main priority is to prepare the current team for the next game! Moyes and Martinez in particular were individuals who ate, slept and breathed football even when they were not working so that kind of character suits our current model.

But when that manager leaves, many of the personnel they brought in also leave and the next manager has free reign over the whole philosophy of the club and how the infrastructure is developed - what if some of the meticulous work that Martinez has done off the field is not appreciated by the next manager especially with regards to bringing more youngsters through and talks of us having a big transfer war chest?

In general, there is a concern that our current technical football model suffers from a lack of continuity and having a football director could help alleviate that problem by taking some of the burden from the manager and allow them to concentrate more on working with the players and preparing for the next game. Of course I feel that the manager should always have the biggest and defining say regarding what players are brought in as they will be working with those players closely every day but the DoF would be more in charge of chasing up the player, work on the negotiations etc.

There has to be more of an 'Everton; model then a 'Moyes' or a 'Martinez' model. A DoF should help us adapt to changes in football and help implement a philosophy while still allowing the manager the flexibility to interpret it the way they wish within certain parameters.

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