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Author Topic: The Official NSNO 2016/2017 Premier League Cash Sweepstake  (Read 13858 times)

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Have we got enough interest for this to happen again guys?

The season starts 4 weeks tomorrow

20 participants, 20 in each making a 400 prize fund. Each player is drawn a team at random

1st place gets 160
5th place gets 80
10th place gets 80
17th place gets 80

This way everyone should be fighting for 1 of the prizes for the majority of the season

Payment done through PayPal to the email address stewoo66@gmail.com

Will edit this original post as and when we get interested parties

Any takers?

1. @Goaljira
2. @Sir Stealth
3. @Zoolander
4. @Ross
5. @Confucius
6. @Jimmywhack
7. @Ell Capitan
8. @TheRam
9. @Cassius
10. @Shropshire Blue - paid
11. @DD
12. @Haile GAZrselassie
13. @velimski

Ah well I have nothing else to waste money on. Count.me.in mate.
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