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Author Topic: The Official NSNO 2016/2017 Premier League Cash Sweepstake  (Read 11993 times)

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Have we got enough interest for this to happen again guys?

The season starts 4 weeks tomorrow

20 participants, 20 in each making a 400 prize fund. Each player is drawn a team at random

1st place gets 160
5th place gets 80
10th place gets 80
17th place gets 80

This way everyone should be fighting for 1 of the prizes for the majority of the season

Payment done through PayPal to the email address

Will edit this original post as and when we get interested parties

Any takers?

1. @Goaljira
2. @Sir Stealth
3. @Zoolander
4. @Ross
5. @Confucius
6. @Jimmywhack
7. @Ell Capitan
8. @TheRam
9. @Cassius
10. @Shropshire Blue - paid
11. @DD
12. @Haile GAZrselassie
13. @velimski

Ah well I have nothing else to waste money on. mate.
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