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Author Topic: Martinez gets the Belgium job  (Read 22558 times)

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Re: Martinez gets the Belgium job
« on: August 27, 2016, 04:34:54 AM »
Apparently, Ralf Rangnick was one of the finalists for this job but Martinez beat him out.

Rangnick must sit around all day wondering what he has to do to get a job ahead of Martinez since this is the second time this has happened to him. I guess tactical nous doesn't count for much on the market.

Edit: I feel bad for Ralf because he kind of seems destined to be under-appreciated forever. He might not have gotten us in with Lukaku and Deulofeu, but I think he would have been a much better manager for us overall and he would have finally received some well-deserved appreciation outside of Germany.
He's probably not helped that you can't read his name in anything other than a Scooby Doo voice.

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