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Author Topic: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update  (Read 312127 times)

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Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
« on: December 21, 2017, 05:32:36 AM »
The City Centre has made huge strides. Everywhere else has not. Classic Doughnut effect.

Meanwhile everywhere else (particularly in North Liverpool) has been ignored. During evenings you have to wait 1 hour for a bus and many areas dont have train links and high amounts of people on free schools meals, yet the council talks about what a modern, thriving city we are. If you want student accommodation or to pay top whack to live in a pad in town, sure. Otherwise, no.

But basically, our fans have gone all corporate. Lets move away from our home, support a majority shareholder who makes fools out of all of us (Net Spend + his finances) and will charge us even more for the benefit all because we listen to Everton Business Matters too much and want Everton to be a business more than a football team.

Everton belongs in Walton/Everton area, not Bramley Dock. End of story.

This stadium move is like an emotional spasm. Wanting too much, too quick. Its completely hollow. It actually hurts me nobody seems to give a shit about Goodison or has uttered a word, maybe apart from @TheRam about it being a tough ask to move from there.

Chelsea are rebuilding Stamford Bridge, Spurs are essentially moving/remodelling to next door, why cant we?

Nobody has answered why we cannot do this or have not investigated it, nobody.
To pick up some of your points. Yes there are some clubs that are more football teams than businesses but you will find most are in non-league.
There is not the space to redevelop Goodison, a handful of people have claimed it can be done. Dozens and dozens more explain why it is not possible.
Like it or not we have to attract massive financial sponsorship etc in the future and a new stand out  ground gives us the platform to do that.
The Council is supportive but are hard headed enough to know where they will get most benefit before giving that support and they will be looking much further into the future than a football club.
I could go on but others can add to it if they want.
Like you I've never known Everton anywhere else other than Goodison, I have so many memories there and I'll be heartbroken to leave after the last game but the future is about creating more memories not hoping to live off past ones. Unromantic but realistic.
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