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Author Topic: Everton v Manchester City  (Read 45881 times)

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Re: Everton v Manchester City
« on: January 16, 2017, 05:35:01 AM »
I'm still in shock.

I was watching Rogue One (for the second time) with my Daughter and the ex, so I missed it, flicked on the phone after fighting back the tears at the poignant CGI cameo at the end, and I was totally aghast  :shock:

Upon watching the highlights, I thought the collective effort and energy levels were incredible; I think maybe Koeman and Kluitenberg's methods are finally starting to pay dividends.

Davies and Barkley showed real class.

But Davies' contribution overall was outstanding.

I genuinely love him already  :hug:

Was made up for him scoring, and then little nippy, zippy Lookman saucily nutmegging Bravo, was the icing upon the icing and the weird glacé cherry.

The way they all mobbed him shows how they've taken to him.

Oh, and the much maligned Robles and Munes Fori were both great; I'm a big fan of a bucaneering, brain-farting CB, just as much as I am a maverick Winger. 

Feels beautiful to be a Blue  :smug:
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