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Re: The u23 thread
« on: February 07, 2017, 11:41:05 PM »
Pennington seems to be getting lots of plaudits today. I know he's been injured for a while and he's now 22 but is he good enough to make it? Anyone seen much of him? He seemed to be overlooked in the Browning/Stones/Holgate hype.

Only seen him limited times but I dont think he will make it at us, seems the type that will end up going to a Championship team and could then rise into becoming a premier league level defender. He isnt massive, not small either but I'm unsure whether he lacks a bit of pace but certainly seems like he knows how to defend when ive seen him at various levels.

Given we are heavily linked with Keane and VVD, looked like we tried for Manolas etc a major centre half signing is one of our priorities. If we get that signing, have Williams, Mori, Holgate ahead of him then it's hard to see where he will get many games. At his age 22 it is getting to the point where he is that far down the order that he himself must be thinking is it better to look down the Forshaw route and go and play week in week out at a lower level and build a career.

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