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Re: The u23 thread
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Re: Galloway, I think it's pretty evident (with the benefit of hindsight) that a move to the Championship would have been better for the lad. He's not quite Premier League week in week out standard yet, christ he came to us from MK Dons... that's a big step, especially for a defender. Getting regular games for Newcastle or Derby etc would have been hugely beneficial to his development, as well as confidence.

At West Brom he's behind some good players in that West Brom team, guys who are having a great season. There's no shame in not being able to force his way in. Neither is he a left back by trade. We played him there and he looked alright but he's a centre back. Given Pulis' penchant for absolute cloggers at the back does Galloway actually fit the mold?

More realistically West Brom saw a cheap option of providing cover for their defence. If we are interested in the development of the player and see him as a long term option this isn't good for us. Neither is it good for the player.

Perhaps we don't see his future with us? Perhaps we were lead on by West Brom and this was their intentions all along? Perhaps Pulis simply doesn't rate Galloway as much as he thought he did and plans have changed?

If we do see his future with us, then West Brom was the wrong option. That much is obvious.

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