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Author Topic: The u23 thread  (Read 116060 times)

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Re: The u23 thread
« on: September 19, 2017, 04:36:28 AM »
Anderlecht manager been sacked wonder if that will affect onyerkru?

Also, Gone a bit quiet on the dowell front, anyone know how he is doing?

News from Sherwod forest is that although the Tricky Trees (yes - they call themselves that - seriously) are playing shite at the moment, young Kieran is still turning heads.

He's finding it hard at the moment because he's not getting enough game-time according to the Forest faithful - and when he does - the rest of the team are so crap that he struggles to have an impact.

Word on the street though is that he is still considered their best midfielder, by most fans and by some distance.

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