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Author Topic: The u23 thread  (Read 178428 times)

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Re: The u23 thread
« on: March 09, 2018, 01:31:24 AM »
Not exactly on topic based on the previous few posts but I saw this a few weeks ago. It's not great, at least from my point-of view.


Some choice quotes:

It seems regressive to develop players so they'll be comfortable in League Two if they go on loan. And to think of flick-ons as the "real world." It's only a reality for crap teams in England. Nobody who's actually good plays that route one garbage.

I know he mentions playing out from the back and going direct but really, there's no point bothering with the latter. Our academy players are never going to reach the level we need them at if half of their development time is spent learning crap football.

Catch-22 though, isnt it.  English football is fucked for developing highest quality youth players, and the national team will always suffer for it.

Barring the wunderkids who are physically/technically able to go straight into the first team at 18, most will never develop to a higher level if no one will take them on loan because they're no good at playing lower league style football.  And they'll never develop just staying in an academy not playing real football.

The only hope you've really got is loaning them out abroad, but without an official link to another club then it'll be hard as theyve got their own players to develop as maybe players from better teams from that country already more suited to the style?

So other than 'B' teams in the lower divisions or parent clubs who take groups of kids en masse then its not going to work, and that won't happen because it'd mean losing more established teams from the league or small clubs losing their 'identities'(Which is an absolutely understandable issue for their fans to have).

Like I said, fucked.

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