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Author Topic: The u23 thread  (Read 197513 times)

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Re: The u23 thread
« on: September 11, 2020, 10:25:11 PM »
Hmmm. Interesting.

Credit to the club with the way theyíve removed anyone who they donít think can cut it. So far Unsworth remains trusted. That canít be ignored. Truly believe that he wouldnít be here if they didnít rate him.

Does this also suggest that he wonít be selecting the sides? Meaning that he wonít be able to play 50yr olds in the youth matches?

Sounds like heís going to be on Brandsí radar a lot more and will entirely be judged on the progression of youngsters through the system. If none progress through he loses his job.

A lot of pressure on him from this point on. Mini-derby wins or using blokes to steamroller their way to the youth league title wonít cut it any longer Iím afraid.

Yeah, I donít mind unsworth tbh but he has to change the way he coaches the under 23s, but to be fair to him heís brought a lot of players through and he was the one that got DCL here.

If heís academy director heíll have more of a say what players we bring in and we do very, very well in picking up young lads from the lower leagues.

As long as theyíre all on the same page then it should work.

Happy baines in involved. Heís not the type of person to take a cushy job and half arse it.

Oh, and we need to fuck Jeffers off ASAP.
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