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Re: Stub Hub
« on: March 23, 2017, 02:43:29 AM »
I've never bought on stub hub but have sold on it regularly for 2 years due to change of circumstances meaning that, for a while,  we can't all go regularly  but we don't want to give up the tickets. If we have to sell it's an adult and a youth. For ease of calculation I divide the 19 games into the ST cost's and look to just break even. I ask 45 for both and fall just short after commission paid. Here's what annoys me. I've advertised them and checked the price afterwards and they show at 45. Fine. What I discovered a couple of weeks ago was that the buyer also sees the same price but when he moves to checkout it adds on another 10 or so. I've been selling at 55 and never known it. I Googled stub hub and discovered that it changed to this system 2 years ago after research in the USA showed they sold more this way than by advertising a total up front cost. To me that stinks!
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