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Author Topic: Banning The Sun from Goodison  (Read 11820 times)

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Re: Banning The Sun from Goodison
« on: April 15, 2017, 03:51:38 AM »
You know what I wasn't going to really make this public but I spoke to they guy who runs the campaign a few weeks ago when we were giving out the Alex Young fanzine.
This conversation took place after a heated conversation with some shouty guy who was with Dave Kelly, anyone who witnessed this could testify to my reaction when he tried to suggest the fans forum seemed to be OK with the #shitrag allowed at the ground.
Luckily I'm who I am and can look after myself but he could have been interpreted as threatening, he wasn't he was just trying to vehemently defend his corner, which is fine, but do not attack when you do not have all the facts. I told him the same as I told the organisers of the #ShunTheSun or total eclipse whatever they're called, I'm not arsed, I though it had happened years ago, I actually don't care a fuck about that #Shitrag and they are giving it publicity they don't need to give, the organiser said and I quote "I reckon we can kill the paper, I'm happy to give it publicity if we can rid it". Now I really can't get on board with that mentality, especially when his own club took more than a quarter century to bin it, I left wishing him well and all the luck in the world, but he needs to watch who are associated with him, some may see an aggressive approach in a bad light.

There is loads more that went on but I shall not divulge, I was heading towards my daughter and that put all my other thoughts into perspective.
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