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Author Topic: Klaassen Signs - Confirmed by club.  (Read 25402 times)

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Re: Klaassen Signs - Confirmed by club.
« on: June 16, 2017, 04:31:24 AM »
- Versatile midfielder with a great footballing brain.
- Talented shot-stopper with added distribution skills.
- Both players with their prime years ahead of them.

That's a fantastic day. And somehow, the best part is that we're doing significant business early in the summer, so the new signings have extra time to settle and adapt to their new teammates and Koeman and his staff have a clearer picture of what the squad is going to look like for the upcoming season. There are genuine benefits to getting transfers over the line early and I'm ecstatic that we're making a push in that direction.

If we can finalize deals for Sandro, Niang, and a centre back (preferably Keane) in the next week or so, that would be the start of a brilliant overhaul to an aging and disjointed squad. Someone like Keane would give us new life at centre back and Sandro/Niang look like the sort of pacy, technically-gifted, wide-forward-types that Koeman seems to want (even if I'm not totally sold on the latter, he does appear to have the profile of a player Koeman would like).

And I promise that if we rejuvenate the squad with four or five players age 24 and under now, I won't bitch when we sign the inevitable older player(s) later in the window. (Caveat: I will be irritated if we don't look for a long-term successor to Lukaku, like Iheanacho or Abraham.)
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