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Re: Ross Barkley
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I think this discussion illustrates the conundrum. Some people complain that he plays too safe these days and doesn't take enough risks, and others complain that he can't do the basics such as keeping possession.

Under Martinez and Koeman, he's been working with completely different football styles, and it's fucked with his head a bit, during his development. I get that people will say 'well, that's the same for all the players, but they seem to have managed fine, so why are we making an extra effort to explain Ross's situation'. To that I would say that he's quite an insecure person (seemingly), he's always been an instinctive player, and it's during the key years of his development. I just think he's probably received a lot of different messages from his managers, and that it might've confused the kind of player he is, or can become.

Under the right manager, whether that's with us or someone else, I think he could easily go to the next level.
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