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Re: Ross Barkley
« on: September 02, 2017, 03:04:33 AM »
Does anyone on here really hate him. I think if he intends to leave for nowt or even a massively reduced fee in Jan then we should make his last season difficult for him by not playing him
I don't hate him though. He's just 1 of the 99.9999999% of footballers who ain't loyal. He's good not great. He's potential which he may or may not realise. He's a bit soft. I'd like to see him fail because that's human nature. Hate him though? Christ no. I'd be surprised if anyone on here really did
Why do we expect loyalty from a paid employee?  We have a right to expect hard work and doing ones best but anything more?
Most of us change our jobs in our lifetime ' why shouldn't a footballer? It's just that on average a players career is condensed into just under 10 years.
Another thing is that no matter how hard a player may try if he fails to live up to our expectations (even before he's played sometimes):then we publicly insult them, abuse them and denigrate them. We call them shit and still expect them to kiss the badge and stay loyal.
People need to get real.
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