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Re: Ross Barkley
« on: September 02, 2017, 03:25:46 AM »
Still have to wonder what makes an Evertonian want to leave Everton so badly

From the outside looking in he looks a little disillusioned with football and not enjoying it, from his body language last season. Probably knows his boss doesn't really rate him, neither do a decent section of supporters and he feels stuck, as he'd probably love nothing better than to stay but everything just doesn't sit right at the minute.

I know it's a common theme to think millionaires don't suffer from stress but he probably doesn't know what to do for the best and the indecision isn't helping him nor anyone in this situation. Not everyone is strong mentally and I genuinely think he's a little weak in that area.

That being said I don't think a move to Chelsea would have been the horror story some people are making out. I think it could have been a decent move and the fact they're not crawling with selfie-loving English lads might have focused his mind back on his football.

Anyway, I wish him well but as a blue first and foremost I would have loved the 35m in the bank to put towards a top striker so I'm a little disappointed in the whole situation really.

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