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Re: Ross Barkley
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Barkley is essentially doing what I did with Vodafone with my contract

Although having let my 2 year deal run down I have extended year by year on a sim only plan

Been with them since 2006 now, well over due a testimonial

Seriously though I don't like to see the level of abuse Barkley is getting. The club knows the situation with Bosman deals, they should have forced the sale earlier if they feared losing him for nothing

Opinion is divided on Barkley, he seems to be either loved or hated. He's entitled to do what he wants with his football career and he shouldn't have to explain his decisions to anyone if he doesn't want to
Perchance he should have thought long and hard before having a pop at a badge kissing 'once a blue' Rooney, oh the hypocrisy .....before treating his alleged beloved blues  worse than a lad who went on to win it all, while his transfer fee kept us afloat in the dark days of moyes.

Born not made a blue .

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