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Re: Ross Barkley
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I dont know whether this has already been said as i'm not reading back through the whole of this thread...

But reading the vitriol aimed at barkley in some of the posts leads me to think that most people seem to have forgotten the fact that barkley was just a lad doing his job......his manager didn't like the way he was doing it.. what we don't have privy to is the conversations between the two that led the manager to substitute him.....drop him....leave him out of squads....manager prerogative...

this obviously led barkley to believe/decide his future is elsewhere as he's obviously both unhappy in his job and not appreciated/wanted by his manager....Also don't forget he never handed in a transfer request....and in my opinion his silence has been professional in itself....

the club offeres him a lucrative contract which he duly turned down...his prerogative...the club/manager then gave him a deadline to sign or "he would be sold".......Ultimatums are "hidden threats with underlying meanings".....which again he duly didn't sign for obvious reasons....

Those quite simply are the facts as we know them..

My questions are.... if you were unhappy in your job.....under those circumstances.....What would you do?

How many of you have planned to change/changed your jobs without telling anyone until you give your notice in...?

Why all the vitriol because a lad wants to change his job....?

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