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Re: Ross Barkley
« on: September 04, 2017, 06:43:24 PM »
So he should've gone to Chelsea? Put his career at risk (in his opinion) to ensure Everton get a decent wedge?

What should he have done differently?

EDIT: I'll add I've no strong opinions on the subject and am willing to be persuaded, hence the questions. Perhaps I haven't been following it as closely as others but to me the vitriol towards him seems extreme.

I don't share the vitriol of others or the 'cunt' calling. That's all a bit lame and pitchforky.

He could've issued an honest statement addressed to the fans of the club he loves. Summat along the lines of 'personal differences with the management' or 'need a new challenge to move forward with my career', just to put people in the picture. He could've pressed Spurs to come in for him now with the right fee, to make him leaving more palatable.

Sneaking out the back door on a free is indefensible.
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