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Re: Ross Barkley
« on: September 04, 2017, 08:24:27 PM »
I don't share the vitriol of others or the 'cunt' calling. That's all a bit lame and pitchforky.

He could've issued an honest statement addressed to the fans of the club he loves. Summat along the lines of 'personal differences with the management' or 'need a new challenge to move forward with my career', just to put people in the picture. He could've pressed Spurs to come in for him now with the right fee, to make him leaving more palatable.

Sneaking out the back door on a free is indefensible.
Maybe he didn't want to say anything as openly admitting he didn't want to sign a new contract would reduce his value to the club.

That being said Koeman did a pretty damn good job of that himself didn't he?

All parties are to blame here and ultimately we don't know exactly why he wants to leave. However, it's still a bit ridiculous that a boyhood Evertonian wants to leave at a time when the club is clearly on an upward trajectory and that blame can only lay at Barkley's feet.

Club has handled it poorly though by saying he'll be sold for sure and reducing our negotiating position.

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