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Re: Ross Barkley
« on: September 05, 2017, 08:33:03 AM »
Hahahaha,feel better about what losing a player I didn't really rate ....nope ...losing a possible transfer fee for his alleged blue blood naaa ,were minted ...his lukaku Esq professionalism maybe naa ..no twat is bigger than the club least of all a young upstart that has lukakusdadyndrome and is shite 75 % of the time. (Being kind).

Well you sure are making a song and dance about it, considering you're not arsed like.

Here's the way I see it; he wants to leave, he probably wants to join Spurs. Yea, that's pretty disappointing. But, this is his career. This is his life. If he feels that there is a better opportunity out there for him than what Everton can provide then he's probably going to take it. If he is going to Spurs, it's not going to be about the money. We pay more than them these days. Chelsea pay more than them. Neither he nor Everton can make Spurs bid for him, especially when he's injured. So what can he do? He's getting all this abuse for not signing for a club that he didn't want to go to. Christ, how ridiculous is that?!

I'm gutted he wants to leave, but what exactly has he done wrong? Nothing. He's kept his head down, and kept his dignity. He hasn't agitated for a move and he hasn't spoken ill of the club or fans.

That's why I find the abuse pretty disgusting. We're all grown adults here, but some of you are acting like toddlers. Everton was here long before Barkley, and will be here long after. If he wants to go to pastures new, fine. He's just one player. So can we please just leave the embarrassing abuse at the door?

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