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Author Topic: Ross Barkley  (Read 200855 times)

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Re: Ross Barkley
« on: September 05, 2017, 09:36:51 PM »
I'm gutted he wants to leave, but what exactly has he done wrong? Nothing. He's kept his head down, and kept his dignity. He hasn't agitated for a move and he hasn't spoken ill of the club or fans.

This is the key statement for me and we won't see eye-to-eye on this and probably why others are still arguing with you too. I am ready to stop because to be honest I've said my piece enough times in this thread, what I found interesting here is I feel I could turn all the above points you've made into a negative.

What has he done wrong? = What has he done right?
He's kept his dignity? = He's afraid of the backlash.
He hasnt agitated for a move? = He hasn't signed his new contract, I mean seriously man how is that not agitating for a move?
Hasn't spoken ill? = Irrelevant, he doesn't speak at all!

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