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Ross Barkley
« on: September 11, 2017, 04:32:09 AM »

i mean, if we fail to score or get points against the teams that finished 15th- 8th last season, our season will be over, ie, it will be impossible to attract the players we need next season. i literally the season wont be over, but all the hype and expectations of us being 7th again would be diminished.

but thats going on., Koeman playing negatively against teams worse than us, and us continuing with 7 shots on target in 4 games..  those are some worrying stats.
On that measure the stats contradict you. So far against teams 8th-15th, played 1, 3 points gained. Being beaten by Spurs and Chelsea is hardly evidence we'll lose to a load of mid table teams and be in a relegation battle. Sure, there is plenty to be concerned about, but to talk as if relegation battle is a cert with Koeman and these players at this moment? That is why others are saying you are over-reacting. All we can see so far is it doesn't look overly likely we've improved on 7th. And even that is guesswork at 4/38 of a season.

Take Palace - on stats so far, they will finish bottom with no points, no goald scored and 75ish conceded. That will not happen. Although I did tip them for relegation.
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