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Author Topic: 2017-18 Today's football  (Read 229729 times)

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Re: 2017-18 Today's football
« on: September 24, 2017, 12:52:22 AM »
he was embarrassing on a recent episode of The Debate

honestly think cause he don't blush he gets away with talking horse shit

he was stuck for words on numerous occasions and you could see that the presenter (Stelling on this episode) knew exactly that Kamara knew fuck all

Merson even had to save the day in their discussions which says it all really

As you posted - needing to bailed out by Merson is embarrassing. I used to watch the build up to games but now just switch on at kick off time. Don't watch things like The Debate but the one time I did happen to catch a snippet, Simon Jordan was on and that was enough for me to realise that I am not missing anything.

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