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Author Topic: [News]Onyekuru delighted to have joined Everton  (Read 5441 times)

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Re: [News]Onyekuru delighted to have joined Everton
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Basically Moshiri knew enough people to tie the deal up by having contact with all the main players with the exception of the agent of Onyekuru. That was organized through a link up with the Belgian agent Henrotay who phoned the guy at Anderlecht, Herman Van Holsbeeck, their director of football. Who knew the official agent of Onyekuru, Mogi Bayat.  Anderlecht had been told they would get the lad on loan by Moshiri, so consequently it got the ball rolling through Von Holsbeeck, via the agent Henrotay. Henrotay sorted out a plane for Bayat, Onyekuru’s “official” agent and a lawyer and the next day the deal taking the Nigerian starlet to Everton was signed without Anderlecht ever having to move. Right let's try that. It's probably more complex than the original lolol.

so who was the killer?  :eh:

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