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Author Topic: Sandro Ramirez Signs - Confirmed by club  (Read 29171 times)

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Re: Sandro Ramirez Signs - Confirmed by club
« on: July 04, 2017, 04:57:49 AM »
Just done some classic YouTube research and he does look boss like.

A lot of his goals last year were from quite mad positions though...4 or 5 from really tight angles to the left and right of goal, another 4 or so from 25/30 yards. Wonder what he's like 1 on 1, I'd think he'd be a good finisher but it's always nice to see a range of goals rather than just like wonder strikes.

Watched a bit of his Barca days to see what he's like with the ball and I think he can ball a bit, dribbles well and didn't look like he couldn't keep up in the admittedly limited clips.
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