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Author Topic: Kieran Dowell  (Read 31056 times)

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Re: Kieran Dowell
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Dowell has a very slight frame but he's still quite tall. Get him on the weights and see if he can get some shoulders.

Alli only has a very slight frame and is similar technically, but he uses his body very well and is aggressive with and without the ball. Think dowell should look at him for inspiration.

Why get everyone on the weights. Natural balance is a prerequisite for certain types of individual. Body mass is not always ideal in certain circumstances. By the logic of Dowell turning into some Marvel comic Thor character. Maybe after spending 50 million on Sigurdson, we should get him on high protein diets and bodybuilding regimes, to improve his ability to flatten people, but fuck right up the very thing we bought him for in the first place.
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