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Author Topic: Kieran Dowell  (Read 27585 times)

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Re: Kieran Dowell
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Di Maria and Ozil.

Ozil a good shout.

Di Maria a pace machine though.

Anyway as our good mate Ari says, it's not about turning him into Thor, just getting a bit more about him to cope with men's football.

I think undsworth said he struggled with his growth spurt, reminiscent of m Keane's story actually, probably difficult for him too because he's used to being a little tricky player with quick feet then suddenly has to deal with big gangly legs and a totally different centre of gravity.

I love watching dowell he's a quality technician, strikes a ball beautifully as well, clearly a very good understanding with Davies but yeah I would worry about him in men's footy.

Someone on twitter said send him to the continent to develop in a different atmosphere. France or Germany would be good. Physical but good focus on tactical elements and technical ability.
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