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Re: Kieran Dowell
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The championship is a better League than most of the European Leagues yet most fans would sooner see us buy an overpriced player from a very inferior League . Dowell has been asked more questions playing for Forest than Klassen say playing in the Dutch League . Yes Klassen had European experience but most of his games for Ajax were at a lower level than the championship . Besic playing for Ferencvaros hardly tested him week in week out certainly from a fitness level . So up the level of fitness and consistency needed and he is shot to fuck . Some of our best players in the past gained there most valuable experience in our lower Leagues . Coleman , Osman , Lescott , Baines , Cahill and Jagielka off the top of my head . Dowell deserves the same chance as Barkley , DCL , Kenny , Holgate .

Yes got no problem with him learning there as the experience is much more relevant to going on to the PL.

What we need to know is, is he doing anything that wouldn’t be expected?

As in, we know he’s got (spectacular) goals in him from u23 level and pre season games.

But what number of situations does he need to get those goals etc.

For me when Osman was at Derby, it looked like he was heavily influencing the play. Does Dowell do that or is it flashes of inspiration?

If he needs lots of situations and goals come out of the blue then we shouldn’t be rushing him to our first team squad, only to play 2 LC games.

He’s not fast so he needs experience to know how to get round that.

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