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Author Topic: FC Twente v Everton - 19/07/2017 - k/o 18:00 BST  (Read 12510 times)

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Re: FC Twente v Everton - 19/07/2017 - k/o 18:00 BST
« on: July 19, 2017, 05:47:38 PM »
Yeah, you get three friendlies, the Goh Mahia one from last week, this one and the Genk one on Saturday. For some reason you don't get the Sevilla one, I can only assume that will be shown on TV.

The club mentioned there would be an extra benefit provided to compensate for the non streaming of the match in Tanzania. It's only a reasonable guess. They may well provide the highlights of the Sevilla match free, to STH/members. It seems the logical course to take, to regain the clubs members STH confidence, in the streams they provide through the OS. :)
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