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Author Topic: Players on loan 17/18  (Read 16473 times)

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Re: Players on loan 17/18
« on: August 21, 2017, 05:33:53 PM »
Like I suspect many have done, I signed up for NSNO like a giddy teenager finally old enough to go down to the pub only to promptly forget my password for a week :bonk:

Been loving the updates in here since, I am a bit of an U23 progress stalker but some of you have found things I missed :hail:

I've adopted Sunderland as my lower-league team of interest since watching them for Anichebe/Pienaar last year (hey, I got good Pickford knowledge from it, diagonals to Vic).

This year so far they have certainly been doing alright, I don't see them coming back up this season but onto our lads!

Browning has not put a foot wrong that I have seen (streams), I also read a bit of Sunderland RTG forums and he sounds like a rare totally safe, no-nonsense defender.

Galloway on the other hand... he is dangerous at both ends of the pitch if you get my meaning. He just seems to get skinned inside or out and rarely anticipates what his attacker is going to do.

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