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Re: Michael Keane
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Yes but every team will look at the types of games they should be winning.

If you're not winning most of those it's very hard to get where you want to be.

It's no good Burnley winning at Chelsea if they don't beat Huddersfield and 3 other equivalents at home.

I remember a Utd player saying that Ferguson used to target home and away wins vs the teams in the bottom half as the bedrock of their season, then the other games would determine how well they ended up doing.

Obviously things don't go 100% the way that you plan but a basic expectation of 12 games vs bottom 6 and 12 vs top 6 would be fair to be (many) more points vs the former as we are better than them and should do well in those games.

All very true. However, Burnley will be feeling more hopeful about those key games having scored three 'unexpected' points. But one of our long term problems has been our mentality in away games against the big boys (knife in a gunfight mentality) and this is something that seems to have changed a little in the league. In their pomp, United were able to plan to win points like that. In Koeman I think we have a manager who is not afraid to plan to win 3 points at Stamford Bridge, the Emirates, in Manchester, and most of all at Anfield. That's the big game for me - if we are to seriously change the mentality, the high water mark is there. Winning there would also give the squad (and the fans) serious belief that we can be more than 'best of the rest'.

Of course that's not to suggest 3 points at Anfield is more important than 3 points anywhere else, but I don't expect Koeman to target trophy points.

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