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Author Topic: Man City v Everton  (Read 28663 times)

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Re: Man City v Everton
« on: August 22, 2017, 05:46:16 PM »
You've got a point to be fair. We still seem incapable of manipulating the ball for long periods, which has to be a huge flaw in our game if we can't do it over a year into Koeman's reign.
I do worry Koeman has become so obsessed in getting players in who have a record of good stats (goals and assists) that he kind of just hopes they'll all click together, without identifying a clear system and way of playing and bringing players in to suit.

However we've played 5 and haven't lost yet so let's have this discussion this time next week and see where we're at.

Like i said it was a result that plenty won't get . I am more concerned on a personal and not club note that we are boring as fuck to watch at the minute . I don't ever like not giving Managers time ( as you know from my defence off he whose name is unspeakable in these parts ) but I do like moaning about them . Credit for the results and the footing he and Moshiri are putting the club on but at the minute its like having an ugly wife with one great tit and expecting the rest to catch up .

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