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Re: Cuco Martina
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:31:19 AM »
this might be unfashionable to say on here but after the last few games I don't think hes shit/wank or whatever you want to say about him

could you use some sort of extreme positive adjective? no. but shit? no.

I agree totally. He is what he is. It's not shit and it's not great. He was free, and probably getting paid an average wage. And he's not the reason we can't create anything or the sole reason we leak goals at the back.

He's much better when we have 3 at the back because defence is probably his biggest weakness and going forward he's average. Which is exactly what we bought. No good right back would have signed for us and we needed one because no one really knew if Kenny was ready. If koeman didn't buy martina and threw in Kenny and He didn't work out the fans would have koemans head on a platter.

Koeman can't win with some people.

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