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Re: Cuco Martina
« on: September 25, 2017, 03:39:28 PM »
Many knew it how?

I guarantee at least half of those calling for him to play have never even seen the kid kick a ball.

like the ones who watch the under 23games (last season) and the ones who watched the u20 world cup.

also your right, lots who hadnt seen him play would have been calling for him to play, as they had seen how atrocious Martina was.

He's starting to really grate on me that fella, worse than Realist IMO.

LOL, all cos i dont rate Giroud? and i think we could do better than an aging old immobile reserve?
i dont swear or ridicule anyone, but i can tell your annoyed, due to the language you use.. but keep doing you brap. go smoke some stardawg or gg4, relax. this is a forum.

We all want the same, Everton to do well. We have different opinions, no need to get angry on the internet.
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