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Author Topic: [News]Moshiri: We will look to add more in January  (Read 13189 times)

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Re: [News]Moshiri: We will look to add more in January
« on: September 03, 2017, 04:14:24 PM »
I think I'm not arsed about koeman either. Don't get me wrong he did a good job last season. Sorted out all the basics that the last idiot didn't bother with. Got us organised, fit and solid and we finished as high as we possibly could. It wasn't spectacular but it was good

The impression I get going forwards though is that he's not overly entertaining and for me, I think he's creating the problems in the market by insisting on proven which for us means not good enough to move us forwards or just not realistic

I think he's ambitious in terms of where he ends up but not ambitious in terms of how his teams play or even where we finish. I think he'd happily take 3 7ths and then move on rather than take more risks in the market and risk a 10th trying for the champions league

Didn't really rate him when he arrived. Did well last season but I don't see much to suggest he can kick on. Maybe he's going to revolutionise football with his 10 10s and a keeper formation

To be fair re the signings, most this summer have been players who can improve.

E.g. if Keane really develops on the ball then that's a massive plus going forward.

There's only Rooney and Sigurdsson, this summer, out of the proper signings that don't have a potential upswing long term.

Most successful signings have some pedigree behind them.

I think for the "punt" successes you need a lot of luck.

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