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Author Topic: What is Sandro?  (Read 18147 times)

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Re: What is Sandro?
« on: September 01, 2017, 08:22:10 PM »
Felt like he was a main striker with all the hype when we were signing him.

Being talked about all across the shop - CF, winger, #10

I liked how he and Rooney switched sides against Sevilla - he seems to have good movement.

And with him and DCL I do feel we have pace upfront - not absolutely electric - but not too shabby either.

How would you play him?

Also - bonus question:

When is he back from injury?

His interchangeability will be key I think, once he's up to speed he should be able to switch across the front line. Don't think he can play up front on his own from what we've seen, at least not against teams who will limit our chances and leave him isolated. Maybe he'll get better at that with time though.

Bonus answer - last Sunday?

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