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Author Topic: Our best 11  (Read 6502 times)

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Re: Our best 11
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:46:47 PM »
Got a really bad, nagging feeling that we're only going to click when Koeman is forced into dropping one of his main fellas.

Similar to Davies forcing his way in the team last year, I can see Davies, Kenny, maybe even fucking Niasse, forcing their way into the team and benching a Rooney, Gylfi or Martina in the process.

Might just be talking proper wham, but it might be a case of we end up playing square pegs in square holes and something clicks.

Spot on. I think he has too many players that he feels obliged to play because he signed them, regardless of how unbalanced that leaves the team. Which is what separates the truly top managers from the tier below. Mourinho often buys players and then realises they're not what he needs so they disappear out of the team as he knows he's judged on results first and foremost. Fergie did it too. Even Guardiola doesn't try and shoehorn all his expensive signings in which is why they still play Aguero, Sterling and Silva.

It might take a great performance and win in the cups with 2nd choice players playing in their proper positions to make him change his mind. Even then I'm not sure he would be too open to it.

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