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Author Topic: Should we sack Koeman?  (Read 101879 times)

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Re: Should we sack Koeman?
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Look,most of us were queing up to give him a nosh after the speed in which new stock were seemingly rolling in everyday.They are all his signings so were led to believe,and in reality who would he be able to attract other than the calibre weve brought in.We may have new found wealth but no CL and big names exiting tell you all you need to know about were we stand on a european stage.
There are many bigger teams playing in La Liga,SerieA and Bundersliga that have much more attraction than us,lets hope the next level of player can be attracted here if ronald gets his act together and blends a proper purposeful system out of what weve got

you dont need wealth to bring in a striker, we could have got that dude with the weird name who scored 2 past man utd for stoke,, he was in the reserves for his bundesliga side..

Koeman had no plan b to Giroud. it falls on the manager, there are countless strikers who came to the premier league this year, we could have easily got anyone of them who signed for any of the teams that finished below us last year, instead Koeman waited and dithered, and nothing happened, even tho he said numerous times thats the most important position,

ontop of that, the only striker we have who can do that role (DCL) Koeman doesnt want to play, instead he would rather have 4 number 10 like players who dont even get in the box, as evident in yesterdays mauling.
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