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Author Topic: Should we sack Koeman?  (Read 113414 times)

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Re: Should we sack Koeman?
« on: October 08, 2017, 07:03:36 PM »
If he would play with the pace and wingers we have ready available. ..I'm quite sure a lot of the team issues  (lob sided square pegs round holes)would go away ...but he insists on two DM's playing narrow with two or three no' tens weekly. ...it won't change in a hurry because he feels the need to field all his purchases to fulfil his ego...to our detrement .

Am sure I read a stat that his Southampton team where the highest in the league for number of crosses into the box. Coupled with players like Mane, Eljero and Tadic, I was hopeful Koeman would finally get something out of wingers. Signing Bolasie was a step in the right direction too, but know I am not sure.

Even when we do play our wingers, we always have them cutting inside which drives me up the fucking wall. They have the pace to take their man on the outside, yet the never do.
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