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Author Topic: Should we sack Koeman?  (Read 102904 times)

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Re: Should we sack Koeman?
« on: October 21, 2017, 09:53:31 PM »
I think the point is that we've only really sold Lukaku, who was inherited and funded a lot of new signings and Barkley injured, who doesn't like Koeman. We've spent 240m on new players, have the most squad depth I can remember, and we've not just been losing, performances have been awful.

I think he'll be able to pick up points as players settle and we get knocked out of europe. But I think there are 2 main positions. Either players we've bought are waste of money and this falls on Walsh, or the team we have should be doing better than relegation form.

For my money, Koeman is more like Moyes in terms of lowering expectations to protect his own reputation, but to a greater extent. I don't see us ever finishing above 6th or 7th under Koeman and even if we did, I think we'd see the same terrible start he's had when teams have been in europe. He needs the preparation time for each game, and he strangles every drop into every game, and fatigue builds, effects every game and it all unravels. He's an Allardyce type of manager, without as much pragmatism. He's not a terrible manager, he's just not a very good one.

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