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Author Topic: Should we sack Koeman?  (Read 152228 times)

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Re: Should we sack Koeman?
« on: October 23, 2017, 03:23:13 AM »
Call me crazy, but I think he's here for a while yet.

We just don't have form with sacking managers early into their tenure, plus he's Moshiri's man, and sacking him would be admitting he chose the wrong man, and that would also risk a crop of expensive players being at risk of being discarded by any new manager.

I firmly want him gone, have done for a while, but the above observations, and my own pessimistic Evertonian gut have convinced me he is holding onto this position.

The biggest worry is it gets slightly better but not much. Could drag this out through the last 18 months of his contract and 3 transfer windows

We seem to have no clue how to operate in the market.

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