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Author Topic: Should we sack Koeman?  (Read 108497 times)

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Re: Should we sack Koeman?
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I respect your view but to stop going is not the answer .For all the shit you have seen ,I have seen more .I don't condone or disapprove of the board dithering because I am not sure they are ! I will not be surprised to see Koeman here for a while yet .I am not part of this hysterical theme ,simply because we had it a year and a half ago and it done us the world of good then !!! I am up for anything that improves EFC but first I want to see what is on offer ,I love Unsie and what he has done with the u23's but I don't think he is yet ready and the list is not so long of potential replacements available or willing to come here .the nsno bit is something I have witnessed and want to again but this witchhunt and booing the players will do nothing to encourage people to join the club .There are players here that have less than 10 appearances getting booed ,I am so sad to see and hear that ,it is not the Everton I grew up following and not something  I am proud of .

So what to do? Keep going and paying to support a team that cannot perform? Watch a manager fail to do his job?   

The fans have spent a lot of time supporting this club. And what have they got for it? Not any type of success, no trophies , a lack of pride.

There have been to many false dawns, to many broken promises, to many failures to deliver.

If the fans did stay away, could you really blame them? How you get the message " enough is enough"  across?
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