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Urban Goals
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:14:39 PM »

Michael Kirkham has traveled up and down the country taking pictures of goal posts in housing estates, roads and fields.

This is the kind of art I think everyone on here might appreciate. There's more pictures and accompanying stories in the BBC link

Quote from: BBC
These photos of goalposts from around the UK are beautiful

Michael Kirkham, 39, a former roofer and photographer, has spent the last couple of years travelling around the UK, taking photos of goalposts.

All of the goalposts he photographed are different, but they evoke a strong feeling from childhood. They also tell a story about the change of Britain's urban areas.

When you look at the project as a whole, you start to see a pattern of life around the whole UK, he tells me, enjoying a pint in a local Liverpool pub.

Michael's project is called Urban Goals and the pun isnt accidental.

Some of the goals Ive shot are 30 years old. Some are older. That makes me think about the generations of kids that have grown up playing there and how their life goals might have changed over that time.

We think they look great anyway and, to be honest, we can't wait to get out and have a game of 'heads and volleys'

"This goal is the inspiration behind the project. Its onJermyn Street, in Granby. I used to go see a mate of mine down the road from there. Id see it every other day. I got thinking about it and Id already taken a couple of pictures of it over the years, but then I started to think about this premise of urban goals."

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