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Author Topic: Man United V Everton  (Read 30426 times)

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Re: Man United V Everton
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We've had people explaining away his public statements for years using the line "he's not an Evertonian like us" or "it's just a job to him", fine that's fair enough but let's not change the tune now.

For at least two years he's been desperate for a move away, again his choice, and gave up with a third of the season to go to protect himself, which effected the teams performances and chances of winning vital games in those seasons. Don't start pretending it mattered to him now. He's got what he wanted, he's just another explayer and we're just another former club. 

He spent four years of his career with us. Regardless of his understandable personal ambitions during that time he deserves the respect we give any ex player and if he wants to show a bit of respect back then I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. It's really not that big a deal.

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