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Author Topic: Nonsense about kids not being ready  (Read 4214 times)

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Re: Nonsense about kids not being ready
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"The Untold Potential Of Garbutt" love-in is more nonsense from folks preaching to follow the U23s. He's been shown up for fancying himself whenever he's been asked to graft in the Championship, a dire shame to be sure but staying with us playing less competitive football would not have solved his predilection for shampoo!

Look at Coleman, putting in some graft with Blackpool was a crucial start of making him eligible to play for us. In the meantime Luke can't impress at Fulham or Wigan.

p.s. Impotous, that is one of your best/worst misspellings yet bro lolol

dont make me start using spell check :p

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