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Author Topic: Nonsense about kids not being ready  (Read 4003 times)

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Re: Nonsense about kids not being ready
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Using Galloway to stick up for Garbutt lolol

Galloway has done nothing since Baines came back and knocked him out of our first team. From all accounts I've read he couldn't be bothered to play for the U23s after that. I saw how bad he was for WBA and could not argue with him being dropped. Not getting another opportunity did seem harsh, however...

Now on loan at Sunderland and he's been poor there as well, not getting into the team ahead of Matthews who is a terrible player! I saw some of their pre-season and earliest matches, he plays like a Cuco Martina that cannot cross, the version of Brendan that covered Baines in 2015 hasn't been seen since!

I'm not defending the players as they are now but somewhere along the line they showed decent potential in the first team and then lost their way. Just a shame they'll probably never play for us again but at a time when we've been left exposed in that position there were two who we could have maybe developed differently.
However hindsight is a great thing and they may have just not been good enough but we'll never know now.

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