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Re: Baines
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It's where Barry was great. He would read the game and move into the space vacated by the wing back so we're not left exposed. Gueye or Schneiderling should do the same
That is absolutely spot-on.
It's also the reason why the Bainaar partnership was so good. Baines could give it to Pienaar, safe in the knowledge he could bomb on and receive the ball back whilst Pienaar would instictively drop in to cover the space that he'd left.
With a player on a similar wavelength to him, Baines is still a very good player.
What I don't really understand is why he's been completely dropped from dead ball duties. In theory, we should be fucking lethal from free kicks. We've got Baines with a sweet left wand & Siggurdsson with a sweet right peg. Then there's also Rooney, who can take them too. We should be utilising all three of them to make sure that ANY dead ball situation around the opposition box is at least resulting in a shot on target. The onus on the attacking players then changes slightly, as they gain another option when they get the ball - win a cheap free-kick.

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