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Re: Baines
« on: October 16, 2017, 02:04:26 PM »
It's funny how some are saying Gueye isn't good enough. It's also amazing how we go to defensive pieces as soon as he is subbed.

He is limited going forward but he is busting his gut to get there and try and make the numbers. Something Schneiderlin is supposed to be doing as he is apparently the more creative.

Baines did try to get forward
A little more today. But he doesn't trust our forward line to hold the ball up so he hangs back to prevent the counter.

He's world class at very specific things, but he's currently playing as a sort of 8, which means he needs to be on the ball a lot.

So similar story - quality player being misused through managerial error or lack of other options.

My preferred midfield would be Gueye and Davies with Davies the 8, or Morgan sitting single pivot with Davies and Gueye box to box/Gueye and Klaassen box to box.
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